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Jedi Researcher
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This skill requires Force to use. Dash Strike — Cal dashes forward and attacks his target. Jump while dashing to flip over the target instead. Leaping Slash — Cal can perform another powerful attack after an Overhead Slash. It costs 2 Skill Points. Whirlwind Throw — Throws the double-bladed lightsaber in an area around Cal. Repulse — An airborne attack that allows Cal to push away nearby enemies when he lands. Sprint Strike — Attacking out of a sprint allows Cal to perform a special lightsaber attack. Lightsaber Throw — Cal throws his lightsaber forward before pulling it back to him, hitting any enemies along the way.

It costs 3 Skill Points. Evasive Kick — Attacking after a quick evade allows Call to quickly perform a kick attack. Delay Thrust — Waiting longer to press attack after Cal swings his lightsaber allows him to perform a special attack with increased range. Delay Combo — Waiting longer to press attack after Cal swings his double-bladed lightsaber allows him to perform a continuous string of high-damage attacks. Switch Attack — Cal performs a special attack while switching his lightsaber type. Mass Push — Holding Push allows Cal to push groups of enemies and stagger large enemies.

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Howling Push — A powerful Push allowing Cal to send groups of enemies flying and knockdown large targets. Enhanced Force Recovery — Cal regains more Force when he defeats an enemy, and regains some Force when he hits a blocking enemy. Empowered Slow — Holding Slow allows Cal to slow his target for a longer duration. Burst Slow — Holding Slow allows Cal to slow all targets around him. Increases slowed duration on target enemies.

Again the quad lasers rallied, catching the vessel with burst after burst until it disappeared in a nimbus of coral dust and whitehot gas. Han and Leia hooted. Leia was ready with the answer. In pursuit, and just visible beneath the surface, moved an enormous olive-drab triangle, trailing what appeared to be a lengthy tail. Han raised his right hand to the viewport and pointed.

A head shot.

Jedi Researcher

Threepio, tell Meewalh to activate the manual release for the landing ramp. Worse, four specks in the northern sky were almost certainly coralskippers, soaring in to reinforce the pair the YT was chasing. Instead, the Jenet had the swoop aimed for deeper water, out toward the volcano, where the waves mounded to a height of ten meters. Thorsh and his rider could feel the sting of the saline spray on their scratched and bruised faces and hands. It submerged! The vangaak put a quick end to his indecision.

Breaching the surface in front of the swoop, the dull olive triangle spiked straight up out of the waves, venting seawater from blowholes on its dorsal side, and opening its tooth-filled mouth. Thorsh demanded all he could from the swoop, climbing at maximum boost, but there was no escaping the reach of the creature. He heard a surprised scream, then felt his flight jacket rip away. Lightened, the swoop ascended at greater speed, only to stall. Thorsh threw a distraught glance over his shoulder. The repulsorlift came back to life, and Thorsh veered away, even as he was falling.

A roar battered his eardrums, and suddenly the YT was practically alongside him, skimming the waves not fifty meters away. The quartet of coralskippers began firing from extreme range, their plasma projectiles cutting scalding trails through the whitecapped crests. They were expecting him to come alongside and hurl himself onto the narrow incline. But Thorsh faltered.

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He knew the limitations of the swoop, and—more important—his own. With the coralskippers approaching and the vangaak submerged who-knew-where beneath the waves, it was unlikely that he could even reach the freighter in time. His grimace disappeared, and in its place came a look of sharp attentiveness. As sole bearer of the secret intelligence contained in the holo- wafer, he had to give it his best try.

Tightening his grip, he banked for the sanctuary of the matte-black ship.

The Most Powerful Offensive Force Ability Accepted by the Jedi Order - Wall of Light Explained

Crouched at the top of the extended ramp, Han peered down at the rushing water not twenty meters below. Wind and salt spray howled through the opening, blowing his hair every which way and making it difficult for him to keep his eyes open. Apparently the pilot feels confident that he can complete the transfer to Millennium Falcon without suffering too much internal damage or.

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If he were piloting a speeder bike, perhaps. But swoops are notorious for going out of control at the slightest provocation! A former swoop racer, he knew that C-3PO was right. Taking in the situation now, he wondered if even he could make the jump. Unlock all Jedi skills. A Galaxy Far, Far Away. Back At You. Defeat 50 enemies with reflected blaster bolts.

Perfect Timing. Parry enemies. Defeat an enemy using only kicks. Triple Take. Defeat three enemies using a single lightsaber throw. What Goes Around Defeat an enemy with their own slowed blaster bolt. Big Bang. Defeat 20 enemies with explosives. Defeat an enemy with a hacked droid.

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Precision Evade attacks. Look Out Below. Send 25 enemies over the edge. Not So Fast. Defeat 25 enemies under the effect of Empowered Slow.

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Bank Shot. Defeat an enemy by colliding them with another enemy. Cal Got Your Tongue? Medical Droid. Green Thumb. Have a fully grown terrarium. Data Disk.

Fully customize your lightsaber. The Full Glow-Up. Customize the look of Cal, BD-1, and the Mantis. Data Collector. Scan all enemy types.

Daat Jedi Order Force Manual Daat Jedi Order Force Manual
Daat Jedi Order Force Manual Daat Jedi Order Force Manual
Daat Jedi Order Force Manual Daat Jedi Order Force Manual
Daat Jedi Order Force Manual Daat Jedi Order Force Manual
Daat Jedi Order Force Manual Daat Jedi Order Force Manual
Daat Jedi Order Force Manual Daat Jedi Order Force Manual
Daat Jedi Order Force Manual Daat Jedi Order Force Manual
Daat Jedi Order Force Manual Daat Jedi Order Force Manual
Daat Jedi Order Force Manual Daat Jedi Order Force Manual

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