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One has to try to think out of the box to have good visions and to come up with effective strategies that will help advance the vision. We should read the funnies more! I believe a leader has to be a student.

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In general it is hard for a leader to be around enough other leaders to pick this up just through discussion, so I think a leader has to be a reader and a learner. Without action, there is no change. Yet, paradoxically, a leader needs to have humility. No matter how creative and bright one is, often the best ideas and thinking are going to come from someone else.

A leader needs to be able to identify that, have good people around who have these ideas. This takes humility, or at least lack of egocentricity. All the above gets to the old adage that a leader knows how to do the right thing and a manager knows how to do things right. But a leader has to be a manager, too. Both need to be in the mix. Someone who can see what needs to be done and help the team plan and organize the getting it done.

What Makes for An Effective Leader?

Management is getting things done through people. While a writer or other visionary person may be very influential, even seminal for the cause of change, this is not quite my definition of a leader. A leader means to me, someone who is taking action, trying to get others to do something they want to see done. Leaders must have the ability to act in an interpersonally competent manner, yet they also need to learn the techniques of good listening, honest and open communication, delegating, conflict resolution skills, etc.

While in some arenas you may be able to get by with only some of these skills or none of them if you can hire good enough people to do it for you , generally speaking you must have at least some skills in financial management, human resources, information management, sales, marketing, etc. To round out your knowledge of this Library topic, you may want to review some related topics, available from the link below.

Technical expertise

Each of the related topics includes free, online resources. Also, scan the Recommended Books listed below. They have been selected for their relevance and highly practical nature. By continuing to use this site, you agree to our Privacy Policy. What Makes for An Effective Leader? The moral aspect of leadership is highly significant. Effective leaders must demonstrate high levels of honesty and integrity.

Effective Leadership Skills

This is essential to inspiring confidence and trust from employees and other followers, without which a leader is not likely to be effective. Dishonesty may not always be revealed at first, but it usually is with time. There are many stories of business leaders who are successful for a period of time but later find themselves in serious trouble due to dishonest or unethical practices.

For example, Martin Winterkorn became embroiled in ethical and legal controversy after a period of strong success as CEO of Volkswagen.

Effective Leadership: Why It’s Important And How It’s Achieved

These two elements, self-esteem and self-confidence, are closely related and tend to be prominent in leaders. Perhaps it is best to view these traits in terms of the negative perspective. A lack of self-esteem and self-confidence is very problematic for a leader. The leader tends to be confident that his beliefs, plans, and actions are correct hopefully with good reason. This confidence is important in that it enables the leader to persist steadfastly in the right course even when there are obstacles and doubts from others.

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At the same time, effective leaders also tend to be open-minded to new ideas and experiences. They recognize that innovation is often valuable, and they also tend to consider ideas and suggestions from others. Self-confidence and self-esteem do not have to conflict with this spirit of open-mindedness. When they do, the result is generally harmful.

One obvious trait that many people look for in leaders is intelligence. Studies have shown that this is indeed an important qualification. That is, it is important for the entrance into leadership roles. However, once within the leadership circle, most individuals have relatively high intelligence levels, so mere cognitive ability is not enough to distinguish a leader from other leaders. Further, pure cognitive ability is only one type of intelligence. Relational and emotional intelligence are also important aspects for leaders to develop.

Effective Leadership: Why It’s Important And How It’s Achieved

An over-reliance on strict cognitive intelligence can be very inhibiting to effective leadership. Another unsurprising personality trait that is commonly associated with leadership is being an extrovert. Leaders tend to be outgoing and social in their personalities, which helps them take the lead and act with initiative. It also helps them with the important aspect of connecting to and inspiring others through relationships.

Though many leaders are extraverts, there are certainly examples of successful leaders who are not. Bill Gates of Microsoft and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook are two prominent examples of extremely successful leaders who are introverts by personality. Another key ingredient in the leadership trait mix is knowledge of the business.

Effective Leadership
Effective Leadership
Effective Leadership
Effective Leadership
Effective Leadership

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