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But this is only the beginning: miniaturization is inevitable and at some point these devices could really be available to everyone.

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Are Amazon drones ready to make deliveries? Here they are, the drones that will bring us packages at home instead of couriers: Amazon presented the latest version of Prime Air. The novelties are substantial: vertical take-off and landing, autonomy in flight and super-safe orientation system. However, the official launch does not have a precise date, and there are a number of obstacles that are more administrative than technical.

A robot carrier technology is still at an early stage. The new drone uses an orientation system that integrates optical cameras, thermal cameras and sonar to detect any obstacle, with the help of the on-board computer that uses machine learning. The drone's rotors are covered, and the covers act as wings during horizontal flight.

The on-board computer is autonomous and not connected to a control unit, a cloud or anything other than instructions remotely, just to avoid problems that may arise from even a temporary loss of connection. The place for the package is in the middle of the fuselage. According to Amazon, the new drone, which as the video shows turns into flight, will be able to travel for about 25 kilometers and carry weights up to 2. The question that currently remains uncertain is not technical, then. Amazon in the presentation in Las Vegas stated that the activation of the service will take place 'in a matter of months'.

No date therefore specifies, nor has the area in which the experimentation starts been indicated. Samsung Fold is ready for the market, but still no date Kim Seong-Cheol, vice president of Samsung Display, during a conference in Seoul said that 'most visualization problems have been solved'. So not each one. The device should have reached the shelves on April 26th.

A few days before, during the tests carried out by journalists and professionals, however, defects emerged in the functioning of the display. Samsung has thus postponed the landing on the market and promised updates. After the first few weeks, however, the Fold was lost. And no precise information has yet arrived from the Korean group.

In the meantime, a prodding has disappeared that could have prompted the speeding up of the debut: Huawei has also decided to postpone its leaflet, the Mate X, in September to carry out further tests on the screen. Google gives up: no more tablets, it will only produce laptops Google gives up and refuses to compete with Apple's iPad.

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According to a company spokesman's statement to the Business Insider website, Mountain View has stopped the production of two tablets that would have been the successors of the The products in the quality tests do not respected Google's standards, which decided to retire the tablet line. The company will continue to run its operating system, the Chrome OS, on laptops. It will then continue to produce the Pixelbooks, in addition to the Pixel smartphone with Android operating system.

Chrome OS has grown in popularity across a wide range of devices and we will continue to collaborate with partner ecosystem on laptops and tablets.

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However, with regards to devices produced directly by Google, they will focus on Chrome OS laptops. It is understood that the Pixel Slate will still be supported, in the sense that it will receive software and security updates. Lenovo confirms itself as the world's largest provider of TOP computing systems. Lenovo remains the No. The Chinese computer giant has distanced itself from the last survey in November: more than systems separate Lenovo from its pursuers.

The supercomputer based on Lenovo ThinkSystem SD Leibniz Rechenzentrum technology - the most powerful in the European Union - is confirmed in the top 10 world rankings. For the first time in history, the supercomputers in the rankings reach minimum performance from a petaflop - the minimum level is now 1, petaflops. The Lenovo Data Center Group High Performance Computing and AI solutions are used in many fields, including cancer and brain research, astrophysics, climate sciences, chemistry, biology, artificial intelligence, automotive and aeronautics, and are also used in 17 of the 25 leading universities and research institutions around the world.

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In the United States they are studying a law against deep fakes. A Democratic deputy presented the Deep Fakes Accountability Act, which would force those who create fake videos to declare they mark them with digital watermarks or risk jail time. The fight against deep fake comes to the American Congress. Democrat deputy Yvette Clarke presented a bill to counter the misinformation due to the dissemination of video content in which real people are seen doing or saying things they never did or said.

The Deep Fakes Accountability Act consists of approximately 25 pages but, as TechCrunch notes, it is based primarily on two pillars. The first involves the obligation for every person who creates a deep fake to declare that the video has been altered through 'immovable digital watermarks and textual descriptions'.

Anyone who does not do so will commit a federal crime; the second, instead, gives the possibility to those who have been damaged by the diffusion of these videos to sue those who created them. The proposal comes at a particular time in the United States. Over the last two weeks two deep fakes have appeared on the net.

In one you see Nancy Pelosi, speaker of the House and among the most influential politicians of the Democrats, talking to a public meeting in a manner that is not very clear, as if she were drunk; in the other hand, the protagonist is Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook. In the fake movie, created by artist artists Bill Posters and Daniel Howe - Zuckerberg declares that he has control of an imaginable amount of personal data and can use them as and when he wants to control the future.

On June 13, the House intelligence commission convened some experts to discuss the risks related to technology in view of the upcoming presidential elections, including deep fakes. It would be a choice dictated by the commercial tensions between Washington and Beijing and by the desire of the Cupertino company to reduce its dependence on the Chinese industry. Nikkei points out that even if the dispute between the two countries were to be resolved positively, Apple would still not retrace its steps.

The company would have established that relying only on manufacturing in China, as it has done for decades, is too risky. Among the countries in which the Cupertino company seems willing to move part of the production, Nikkei mentions India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia and Mexico. For now, Apple has in no way confirmed the information reported by the Japanese newspaper.

In recent weeks, The Wall Street Journal and other US media have also talked about the possibility that the company will move some of the iPhone production outside of China, thanks to Foxconn's support. Reuters reports that US President Donald Trump has decided to allow American tech firms to resume business with Huawei in a complete, sudden about-face. It is as yet unclear if the repeal of the ban is full or partial. Huawei is still banned from the Export list on security issues and sensitive equipment. The Samsung Galaxy Fold appears to be a bust before it even hits store shelves.

Following up on the topic of deepfakes from the last edition of the Handelot Times, TechCrunch reports that the state of Virginia has expanded its law against revenge porn to include deepfakes. According to Canalys, is the year when 5G will surpass 4G in terms of popularity. Canalys predicts that by then, 5G phones will make up With regard to the United States, Telegeography reports that American cellular providers are readying the country for 5G piece by piece. The two firms had previously launched 5G in numerous cities across the country.

A story from Telecompaper says that Belarusian mobile carrier MTS has begun a promo on Huawei phones, essentially bundling the P30 phone and watch together by selling the latter for 0. TechCrunch reports that Japan is restricting the export of certain smartphone chipsets and other materials to South Korea, including those used to make foldable phones like the Galaxy Fold. Suppliers will have to submit each contract for South Korean orders to the Japanese government for approval.

As the gold rush is on in the Indian market, local provider Bharti Airtel announces it is phasing out its 3G networks in order to refarm for 4G, per a report from Telegeography. CEO Randeep Sekhon says that his firm intends to continue providing 2G services to cater to its feature-phone users, however.

Czech Republic Praha Bluefin Century s.


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Poland Wroclaw Old Hand What is a modifier What is a Modifier? Well, strange happenings indeed are taking place in the big world of smartphone distribution. In the last few weeks, Samsung has announced on their web site that they are appointing modifiers.

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When I read this informative article, which is aimed at the consumer, I fell out of my chair with shock.

Hacker Monthly Issue 14 (Regular Issue) Hacker Monthly Issue 14 (Regular Issue)
Hacker Monthly Issue 14 (Regular Issue) Hacker Monthly Issue 14 (Regular Issue)
Hacker Monthly Issue 14 (Regular Issue) Hacker Monthly Issue 14 (Regular Issue)
Hacker Monthly Issue 14 (Regular Issue) Hacker Monthly Issue 14 (Regular Issue)
Hacker Monthly Issue 14 (Regular Issue) Hacker Monthly Issue 14 (Regular Issue)
Hacker Monthly Issue 14 (Regular Issue) Hacker Monthly Issue 14 (Regular Issue)
Hacker Monthly Issue 14 (Regular Issue) Hacker Monthly Issue 14 (Regular Issue)
Hacker Monthly Issue 14 (Regular Issue) Hacker Monthly Issue 14 (Regular Issue)

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