Irish Bush Home (Aussie mates in the outback Book 2)

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He performs his own poetry as well as that of traditional masters and modern writers. A regular at poets' breakfasts, he is always a welcome contributor. In fact, no festival would seem complete without him. Ray Essery. Likewise he can dig deep into the kitbag of his family memories to deliver heartfelt recollections of his early life, taking his audience on a nostalgic journey back to when life on the North Coast was just a little less complicated.

Ray Essery is a story teller, a historian, a romantic, a comic and above all else, an entertainer. He went to a one teacher school, Dooralong Primary School with only 26 kids. His parents worked long hours on the farm as did he and his brothers and sister. This hard rural life was where he evolved his deep love for the Australian Bush and rural way of life.

Prousty married his wife Therese when they were young and they had six Children in quick succession.

It was being dyslexic that started him down the poetry road as he found poetry easier to read than normal text. He listened to his dad. He went on to win the Golden Damper 3 times and was runner up 3 times. Prousty is in high demand for many of the major country Music Festivals performing Poetry and as an MC. He is also in demand as a performer at corporate functions. Not bad for a kid from Dooralong with Dyslexia. Our thoughts are with Dave and his family as he recovers from recent brain tumour surgery.

The late Tim Borthwick New ABPA member, Tim Borthwick from Toowoomba Queensland, has long held an appreciation for bush poetry and story telling, but he was nearly 30 before he began putting pen to paper and dabbling in the art himself. He was always intrigued by the way some of the greats, such as Banjo Paterson and Henry Lawson could tell a tale not only in rhyme but in rhythm as well, and it is to them that he owes his love of verse. He enjoys writing, as much for the pleasure and satisfaction than anything else, and he finds it a great way to convey a yarn.

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He has been writing now for about 18 years, and has self-published five times. Although Tim rarely competes in competitions, he entered and won the Winton Bronze Swagman Award in and was runner up in The outcome was the publication of his book Waltzing Australia which was released in together with an audio presentation of the poems by Jack Thompson.

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He realises how fortunate he was to be given the opportunity to produce Waltzing Australia. Sdaly, Tim passed away in August See article in Queensland Country LIfe. A versatile performer, Jason holds an audience in a small room, or under lights — he has a rare ability to make a large space feel small; bring the relaxed warmth of a yarn on the verandah to the big stage. Jason has spent the last twenty years as a singer, reciter and musician, researching, performing and recording Australian traditional music and poetry.

He is a keen educator, performing regularly for primary school children in the Bathurst region, where he makes learning a byproduct of an interactive evening of singing, dancing and sharing stories under the stars. Jan lives in the village of Cudgewa, Northeast Victoria with her partner Linton, and they enjoy attending folk festivals, fitting them around farm responsibilities and visiting their tribe of children and grandchildren.

She has always loved poetry with rhyme and metre, and has been writing in this style for as long as she can remember. As a child she performed in poetry recitation competitions, but this is not something she continued as an adult, preferring instead to concentrate on the writing.

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She began entering competitions in , but it was while living in Papua New Guinea in the late nineties that she was asked to share her poetry in public for the first time, reading to a group of mostly Australians. Their response was so positive that she was persuaded to self-publish a small book which she subsequently sold at the local market. As well as writing, reading and playing the piano, she feels travel has greatly enriched her life and considers it an enormous privilege to experience such diverse cultures and locations and meet so many different people.

These experiences, along with memories of her own culture and surroundings, provide her with inspiration.

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Catherine says she can be a bit of an idealist at times, but she truly believes that a smile speaks all languages and poetry and music speak directly to the heart and soul. See Catherine's Blackened Billy winning poem here. He is the President of PATCHES Paediatrics delivering cutting-edge child development and disability services to remote communities through the child protection and justice systems. He is a leading expert on the devastating Fetal Alcohol Spectrum Disorder. Bill Gordon At the end of I had been farming for 50 years. In that time my life has taken many twists and turns.

I started as a farm hand working for my father. At the time I married Meg I was running my own Angus stud and commercial cattle herd plus prime lambs. After we moved to Boyup Brook in with three boys under 4ys. It was Merino sheep plus oats. The collapse of the wool market in forced us into cropping canola and barley. We are still growing those crops, but the sheep enterprise has shifted focus onto the live export market.

So my farming career has not been simply doing the same thing year after year. I have also been a wool classer, mechanic, chook farmer, bush vet, bookkeeper and worn many other hats in my time as a farmer. Mary Finch By choice, for many years Mary Finch was content to remain in the background as main supporter, adviser, and coach to her husband Wally. Her own gifted talent for performance poetry seemed destined to remain dormant indefinitely. However, she was eventually coerced to perform.

Right from the outset, Mary's potential to be a great poet was so obvious she spent very little time in Novice Competition. In fact, she broke her Novice status one day and performed in Open the next — being placed in the top three of every category with some serious competition from a large line-up. Considering her background, perhaps, there is no surprise in that. In an earlier life, Mary spent six years full time study at the Queensland Conservatorium of Music giving us a fair indication her first love is singing.

From her comprehensive formal training Mary gained a large variety of skills in various disciplines such as language English and Italian , voice projection, and heap of other assets invaluable to performance of both poetry and singing. These facets went well within the country music scene.

In her comments to the competitors, she tries to be as helpful as possible and to give positive, sincere encouragement. It is available online here. Will Moody : Eternity which won Poetica Christi Press Poetry Competition; Not only is this great exposure for bush poetry and its award-winning writers but also for festivals holding bush poetry competitions around the country. For example, Laura Literary Awards run by the Rocky River 'Riters only recently included a Bush Poetry section in their awards and last year the winning poem was the only rhyme and metered poem in the Award Winning Australian Writing.

So that is a double for Laura straight off! Congratulations to these talented poets and thanks to Melbourne Books.

David Campbell has recently had an article published in The Australian newspaper accusing Contemporary Australian Poetry editors of neglecting rhymed verse. See the article here. She competed with success at over fifty Royal Shows around Australia and in more recent times, became the Main Arena Commentator at Sydney Royal Easter Show and in was honoured to judge their prestige horse events. Despite her high profile Bush Poetry career, it only started in when her first book came out and friends took her to Tamworth — her first ever competition.

Success led to success and in a short time, she amassed a heap of elite awards including winning the richest prize in Poetry history and then withdrew from competition to become a professional Bush Poet. But poetry is her focus. And that was just the beginning. She has done nine professional performance tours of US and Canada to date and in June this year, headed off for probably the ultimate gig. Carol has a three month contract in Durango, Colorado! Her rural background and her original poetry fit the genre well, it seems.

She is to MC and do poetry four nights a week at the historic Henry Strater Theatre in a very exciting production which will target the huge summer tourist trade that Durango attracts. Ticket sales are already well under way apparently, with package tours linked to the fabulous Strater Hotel. Why an Australian to tell the story of the West, you ask? Congratulations Carol - our international Aussie bush poet! They host special tours, performances and The Mel ad Susie Show. Visit the Ridge and check them out!

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Kelly Dixon Kelly Dixon was born in Dirranbandi in Kelly started writing verse at about twelve years of age, and graduated to competition level about fifty years later. He had his first songs published around and now has published around the world by some 47 recording artists. He is a life member of the Country Music Hall of Fame and has won many awards at the Tamworth Music Festival and at various poetry competitions around Australia. I have been fortunate over the years since then to win numerous awards for my performance bush poetry and yarn spinning in competitions all around the eastern states.

Since I have won awards for my written bush poetry, which have been included in the eight books of bush verse and yarns I have published along with three albums. I won the section in , , , , and Merv's website. Andrews to live semi-rurally with my husband David Kitchen and then making the final move to regional Victoria. My first competition was the Golden Damper in where I managed to become a finalist and from then I have participated in competitions and performed as much as practicable going to Dunedoo, Corryong, Binalong, Benalla, Bundaberg and Toodyay.

Performing has also taken me as far afield as Renmark and Cairns. In I was elected Secretary of the ABPA — in the usual army volunteering style of not stepping back quickly enough!

Irish Bush Home (Aussie mates in the outback Book 2)
Irish Bush Home (Aussie mates in the outback Book 2)
Irish Bush Home (Aussie mates in the outback Book 2)
Irish Bush Home (Aussie mates in the outback Book 2)
Irish Bush Home (Aussie mates in the outback Book 2)

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