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WordNet 3. In literature: But as a matter of fact she is quite as likely, or even likelier, to be at the Grange. Once ye get outside of most things, ye straightway freshen up an' get likelier lookin'! If there is any truth in mind-reading she is likelier to divine your thought than mine. This has ever been my opinion and always will be, and I think those are the likelier to go happy that think like me. It is some while since I fell in with a likelier man anywhere than this new Abbot Samson.

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There's not a likelier farm, nor better conditioned cattle, than his in Greenstream. I thought; some of her own chopped hay would be likelier to do the business.

It's true enough 'at there wasn't a stronger nor likelier man i' t' West Ridin' than my 'usband, nor a steadier. If I don't know a good nag when I see 'un, master, well, I'd better give out, an' take on with some likelier trade. A hundred women stared agape, The menfolk nudged and laughed, But none could find a likelier story For the strange craft.

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With fear and death and desolation Rigged fore and aft. Ef the way a man lights out of this world Helps fix his heft for the other sp'ere, I reckon my old friend Golyer's Ben Will lay over lots of likelier men For one thing he done down here.

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The longer banks hold rotten paper, the likelier a second financial crisis becomes. Rochester, MN, June 4, — Mayo Clinic researchers have identified an immune system deficiency whose presence shows someone is up to four times likelier to die than a person without it. The likeliness that the Utah Retirement Systems will consistently earn 7. Today macrosets are capable of folding all their components into much smaller spaces with much greater capacity then was once contemplated.

  1. The Fugitive Mind;
  2. My Life at Liz Claiborne : How We Broke the Rules and Built the Largest Fashion Company in the World A Business Memoir.
  3. The Neighbourhood Witch (A Halloween Story for Kids).

All the marvelous achievements of macrosets are acomplished with essentially four kinds of bots: sensits, the eyes, ears and nose of the set; blues or blubits, which analyze, program and direct; quicks or quickets, which provide inter- and intra-energy transfer and communications; and redniks, which construct and deconstruct.

These collaborate through the aforementioned system matrix called a hive.

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Once set in motion, a macroset can be a dangerous tool, since it has the ability to radically transform any matter in its path, creating an astonishing repertoire of buildings, machines, goods and artifacts of all kinds—limited only by the sources of energy and matter available for it to tap, and by the reins of its managing software. Because of its potential for destruction as well as construction as demonstrated by the tragic art-deco redesign of Cincinnati in , the security, development and improvement of management and control systems has always been the focus of macroset engineering as carried forward by the Greenet Consortium.

Even in the early days of macrosets there was a considerable controversy over the best way to develop guidance systems to manage, direct, and control the energies of trillions of molecular sized nanobots in order that they might perform the many complex and sophisticated tasks that nano engineers anticipated for them. The McCool theory was that this nursery method of cultivating and educating macrosets, although expensive and difficult in its early stages, would produce the finest macroset hive in the long run.


Challenges included the uncertainties generated by chaotic variation and the difficulties inherent in calculating Brownian tolerances of nanobot matrices when such systems are allowed perfect freedom and maximum learning opportunities within loosely structured strange attractor parameters. AI queens were established to build security envelopes around macrosets and help commercial interests direct them with tighter discipline. McCool, more interested in science than safety, did not care for the new approach.

Unfortunately, his irrational opposition to the new control protocols deranged him, leading him into the unconscionable criminal activities of the 80s, and tarnishing his reputation. However, this proved too restrictive to be economically viable, since such macrosets did not have the creative freedom to sufficiently modify projects when presented with unexpected anomalies or flawed instructions.

After a number of tragedies resulted from this well-intentioned but over-restrictive approach—this too rigid format was abandoned. There are, however, a small handful of FIS lamps—created for the use of McCool and his criminal descendants—still believed to exist, operating irresponsibly free of Greenet.

These systems were deliberately released into Solsystem by McCool following his conviction for subversion under the Greenet protrust laws of , and subsequent escape from custody and disappearance among the moons of Jupiter in Solsystem, into which we are locked until or if the FTL drive can spread Greenet across the dark matter between suns, has a finite and diminishing amount of matter and energy supplemented to some extent by solar and galactic radiations.

Redshift: Greenstreem Redshift: Greenstreem
Redshift: Greenstreem Redshift: Greenstreem
Redshift: Greenstreem Redshift: Greenstreem
Redshift: Greenstreem Redshift: Greenstreem
Redshift: Greenstreem Redshift: Greenstreem
Redshift: Greenstreem Redshift: Greenstreem

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