The Day I Shipped My Pants

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About Kmart TV Commercial, 'Ship My Pants'

Submit Already unlocked? Please check your email and click on the verify link — it will return you right back to this page with the data unlocked. Sorry, we do not accept free email accounts. Ready for the big time? You've hit your data view limit. Request Demo Learn More. Kmart TV Spot, 'Stampede'. Media Measurement Data is based on life of ad, unless indicated otherwise. National Airings. Attention Score.

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Kmart's 'ship my pants' ad causes shockwaves and smiles

Ad URL. The other is that the video may have humor. By the way, they are seldom combined. And humor seems to trump heart-felt emotion. Looking forward to seeing what they come up with. Short form funny goes viral — not always. Potentially, awareness goes up and might drive traffic. What matters is her shopping experience. That feedback would determine my next step.

The Lonely Island - Jizz In My Pants (Official Video)

Both as a marketer and as a consumer, I love it. So very often clever and expensive ad campaigns get too clever and the marketing point they are trying to make gets lost in the cleverness.

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I have not shopped a Kmart for a long time largely due to their assortment and stocking issues. They have many, many problems to overcome.

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I thought the spot was great! Will it increase sales? It will likely also get the younger generation at least interested in Kmart and possibly willing to walk through the doors? This could do a lot to change that view. If they keep it up, they may do well towards generating interest. Good job Kmart!

As the ice disappears, climate change is coming for the emperor penguin

Much less between 10s of thousands of consumers. This ad is simply an ingenious pun. And one that works on an omni-channel level connecting in-store shopping experiences with the convenience of online shopping and home delivery. View Results. Skip to main content. Stephen Needel. Mike Osorio.

Kmart's Sophomoric 'Ship My Pants' Video to Air on TV | AdAge

Bob Phibbs. Look for sales at Kmart to be like a dirty diaper, unchanged. Max Goldberg. Ken Lonyai. Mark Burr. These folks still have roughly 1, to 1, stores? Ryan Mathews. Camille P. Schuster, Ph. Ed Rosenbaum.

Joe Downtown: Vegas-raised actor finds fame in Kmart’s ‘Ship My Pants’ ad

David Zahn. Steve Montgomery.

Humor, regardless of taste, will invariably go viral. Unfortunately, humor is not enough to deliver traffic to a retailer. While the brand will receive recognition, the sophomoric humor and association with the phrase is not a desired attribute for the brand — and it overshadows the message. Kmart had a huge opportunity to build a brand during the holiday season when the kindness and generosity of strangers highlighted its lay-a-away program. Instead, the opportunity not only died but other retailers benefited from it. Lee Kent. Shep Hyken.

James Tenser. Brian Kelly. Li McClelland.

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    The Day I Shipped My Pants The Day I Shipped My Pants
    The Day I Shipped My Pants The Day I Shipped My Pants
    The Day I Shipped My Pants The Day I Shipped My Pants
    The Day I Shipped My Pants The Day I Shipped My Pants
    The Day I Shipped My Pants The Day I Shipped My Pants
    The Day I Shipped My Pants The Day I Shipped My Pants
    The Day I Shipped My Pants The Day I Shipped My Pants

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