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How To Set Goals The Right Way

But I did have goals.

How To Come Up With Goals

And once I learned more about writing, and about writing professionally, I was able to update them to create better goals. I would not have made it as a writer without goals — written out, put up where I could see them on the day I decided I was going to be a writer for real, and checked off as I reached them or updated as I changed them. Goals change a vague dream into a plan of action. Clearly stated goals are the step between what you want and what you get. Please understand that goals change over time, and the career you visualize today may not be anything like the career you want in a year, or five years.

There is nothing nebulous or vague about a good goal. A good goal is not a fairy-tale castle shimmering, half-described, at the edge of wakefulness. Good goals are not warm feelings, hot hunches, or a nagging itch down your spine.

How to Set Goals in Life: Proven Strategies for Effective Goals Setting

These are all fine and wonderful things, and they can inspire goals, but they are NOT goals. A good goal is concrete, plain, stark, explainable in words of one syllable to people who know nothing about what you hope to do. Saints preserve us, no. You cannot hit a target you cannot clearly see. Words of one syllable. Two syllables tops. Trust me. You can look at this as Norman Vincent Peal-ism or tap-dancing into the realm of the metaphysical or just as addressing your subconscious, but when you set goals, only set positive goals — things you want to do, not things you want to avoid.

Good goals arise from your dreams, from the picture you hold of yourself in your heart and mind.

Create Goals Live Workshop | Women Taking The Lead

Good goals are born from the part of you that yearns to be heroic; they are the path you take from the person you are to the person you want to become. This is related to 1, but not the same. Your goals have to be your own.

Jim Rohn Goal Setting Workshop Part-1

Not even the people who love you most, wonderful though your folks, your spouse, or even your kids undoubtedly are. Yes, they want the best for you. Is this selfish? Ask people with careers they never wanted — that they let their parents or spouses or guidance counselors pick out for them — to tell you about their lives. Nice dreams, especially nice if they become reality. But bad goals. Because nothing you can do can make them happen. You can write brilliant novels, editors can love them, publishers can bring them out in wonderful editions, bookstores can stock them by the zillions, and readers can buy them in vast numbers and adore you as the Second Coming of Twain — but whether or not the New York Times deigns to notice you or award committees give you a second look is something you cannot hope to control.

Goals dependent entirely on the actions of others are destructive. When an editor rejects your novel, you can do something about that. You can revise, resubmit, figure out where you went wrong and learn from it. When an award committee passes you over, it says nothing about your work and everything about the award committee. But you still see yourself as having failed.

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Writing a novel may or may not be a good goal for you. Or at least flush your dreams down the toilet and walk away forever. Nobody makes the rise on stairs three feet tall, because nobody could use stairs like those. Make the steps you build for your career usable. Hunger is what got you into this in the first place, of course. Good goal are going to address that hunger.

Write goals for yourself that send a little chill down your spine. Then look at all the endless possibilities, and identify the ones that give you goosebumps. Pick those. Bad news. The world is ungentle with dreamers. It injects repeated reality into the dreamspace you build for yourself, and until you reshape the world to fit your vision, you can expect a certain amount of … er … hostility. People, much as they like success stories, also like disaster movies, and more than a few will be happy to leap in and trash you. Your goals are going to have to bear up under assault from both expected and unexpected fronts.

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But failure and rejection hurt. Good goals will help you fall back and regroup, focus past the obstacles and give you something to shoot for even when times are hard. Now the good news. Just watch me. Chin up. Remember, these are your goals. A note — and I cannot over-stress the importance of this. You must write your goals down, in permanent form, in a place where you can find them and see them and acknowledge them.

How To Come Up With Goals

Get a pen. Get some good paper, or a notebook, or a stack of index cards. Close your eyes and see yourself working — ten years from now — with a smile on your face. No one has to smack you with a time-card or a stack of bills to get you out of bed in the morning. Are you playing pro hockey? Seeing your fifteenth five-year-old with chicken pox that day? Hammering shingles on a roof? Writing your twentieth novel? Now you have to figure out how to get there. How do you get there?

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When I changed the goal to Write ten pages every day , I discovered that I was on to something. You want to break the pattern of self-sabotage. You have self-limiting beliefs that are working against you. You know you are capable of much more. Book Your Place.

The Goals Workshop The Goals Workshop
The Goals Workshop The Goals Workshop
The Goals Workshop The Goals Workshop
The Goals Workshop The Goals Workshop
The Goals Workshop The Goals Workshop
The Goals Workshop The Goals Workshop
The Goals Workshop The Goals Workshop
The Goals Workshop The Goals Workshop

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