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Next, Carlin took over the role of Mr. He returned to stand-up tours due to tax issues, a decision he would later say he was glad to have made, though it got off to a rough start. In , a stint at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas led to Carlin berating his audience members so harshly all future shows there were canceled, and Carlin entered rehab. He had been writing an autobiography at the time that was released posthumously, and a street near where Carlin went to school in New York was named for him.

The first of the historical figures Bill and Ted meet in their travels, it's his hitchhiking on their phone booth that gives our heroes the idea to collect more folks from the past to deliver their all-important history report.

Napoleon is left behind with Ted's younger brother, who takes him to a water park and an ice cream parlor in some of the film's most memorable scenes. His comedic chops came in handy when he played another "historical" figure — namely, history itself — in a series of Nike adverts tied into the FIFA World Cup featuring Australian player Joga Bonito. He also had a role in Oddball and the Penguins , a film based on a real dog who saved a penguin colony.

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Joan of Arc says next to nothing in Bill and Ted , which is ironic because Jane Wiedlin has plenty to say. A founding member of new wave band the Go-Go's with Belinda Carlisle, Wiedlin's bouncy energy served her well in her role as Joan, specifically in the scene where she takes over an aerobics class by force. Though the film was a huge hit, it was mostly the end of Wiedlin's movie career, and she later said of her acting, "I don't think I'm very good at it.

Wiedlin has voiced characters in many well-known animated series. By the time she was filming Bill and Ted , she'd already released two of four solo albums and several dance singles, some of which charted in the top 20 US and UK markets. She's long supported animal rights causes, posing with the Go-Go's for PETA and walking in runway shows to raise money for shelter dogs.

She's also a licensed minister, and can be booked to perform wedding ceremonies.

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  6. Recently she formed synth-pop band Elettrodomestico , which released an album and toured the West Coast in He's not just any Lincoln, but a man good enough to have played Honest Abe four times on screen. Actor Robert V. Before Barron crammed his over-six-foot-tall frame into a phone booth with the future Wyld Stallyns, he acted in films and theater, once portraying Sherlock Holmes.

    He also worked as a script writer, voice actor, and director for the anime series Robotech and Code Name: Robotech , as well as several other anime shows through the s. He later lent his resonant voice to many episodes of the Mighty Morphin Power Rangers shortly before he retired from acting. His final film role was in the straight-to-video release A Dangerous Place starring Corey Feldman, where he gets sprayed with mace while asking for some change. It's no wonder he decided to hang up the stovepipe hat for good after that. Barron passed away in December of , in Salinas, California at the age of So-craytes, as Bill and Ted affectionately refer to him, may have failed at hitting on women at the San Dimas mall, but actor Tony Steedman had no trouble selling himself in his many years on the stage and screen.

    Before he found himself wearing the sandals of Socrates, Steedman spent three years as a detective Coronation Street , the world's longest-running soap opera, which follows the lives of working-class people in Manchester. His many theater performances included starring roles in productions with the Royal Shakespeare Company. Following his turn as one of the fathers of western philosophy, Steedman guest starred in episodes of popular television shows like Married with Children and Doogie Howser, M.

    His last role was that of a grandfather on several seasons of Animal Ark , based on a popular series of children's books about the daughter of a veterinarian. He passed away in February of at the age of 73 from dementia. Her character also has dementia , which she's referred to as "a very insidious disease. When actor Rod Loomis diagnosed Ted's family dysfunction in the auditorium of San Dimas High School, he was playing Freud, the founder of psychoanalysis.

    Personages Of Historical Significance

    It was hardly the first or last time Loomis would take to the stage. He also appeared on the big screen in Beastmaster and television soap operas like General Hospital. Demille in Sunset Boulevard with Glen Close. He also returned to television, with a recurring role on The Bold and the Beautiful as a homeless man who befriends controversial matriarch Stephanie Forrester.

    What the cast of Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure look like today

    He also appeared in shows like Quantum Leap and 7th Heaven. Loomis gives talks on this version of religious science, and has studied the practice for over a decade. He was interviewed about his Bill and Ted experiences in a documentary produced for the film's Blu-ray release, during which he lapsed back into the character of Freud.

    As Bill himself put it: "Billy, you are dealing with the oddity of time travel with the greatest of ease. His breakout role was that of Ram, a computer program forced into gladiatorial combat in the cult classic Tron.

    The Most Triumphant Making Of BILL & TED’S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE

    Shor kicked around television for a few years, where he played Ferengi physician Dr. Shor found himself working with Terry Camilleri both before and after Bill and Ted. They shared the stage in Drums in the Night, a play by Bertolt Brecht, before their time-traveling adventures.

    Keanu Reeves Arrives At LAX Looking Handsome, Part 2

    With Bill and Ted raring to go, their excellent adventure was starting to take shape. Just a few final touches were needed before they could hit the circuits of time and get the hands-on experience they needed to ace high school history. He drove them through time in his Chevy van. That got changed along the way, basically because of Back to the Future.

    It worked. Maybe on paper — but when cameras started to roll? The phone booth was a real phone booth and it had this crappy little thing on the top which was the antenna that I was constantly breaking by accident. The phone booth was stuck hard on top of a hydraulic lift and we were just yanked up into the air against a blue screen and shoved around like a really low-rent rollercoaster. We had a great time. The 25 best time travel movies to make your head spin. The director was really young. One can only hope they rekindle that spark in Face the Music.

    Picture quality is good, colors are natural but pop, detail and contrast are on point. The release actually comes with a healthy set of extras:.

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    The package itself is very nicely done, featuring illustration by Antonio Stella and package design by Karrie Stouffer. You can see images below. One can only hope a similar effort is made for Bogus Journey. Much of this is down to these lovable slackers depicted by Winter and Reeves that have informed a generation and permeated pop culture.

    Factory from May 15th , and is limited to 10, copies.

    Bill & Ted are embarking on a third excellent adventure next year - The Verge

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    The Most Excellent Adventure The Most Excellent Adventure
    The Most Excellent Adventure The Most Excellent Adventure
    The Most Excellent Adventure The Most Excellent Adventure
    The Most Excellent Adventure The Most Excellent Adventure
    The Most Excellent Adventure The Most Excellent Adventure
    The Most Excellent Adventure The Most Excellent Adventure
    The Most Excellent Adventure The Most Excellent Adventure

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